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    Hey everybody. Was just wondering if anybody has the same issues with their moto x 2014, (or come to think of it, any phone) or can suggest any solutions. Had my new moto x 2014 for around a week now. It's my first android phone and I'm impressed apart from one thing. Im in a long distance relationship and speak to my girlfriend every day on skype, so voip is very important to me. I have spoken to her without any problems for the last six months on my ancient iphone 3gs. I finally upgraded my phone and was expecting our skype experience to be even better/clearer on my new up to date phone. WRONG! When I use Skype on my moto x 2014 there are 2 problems. First of all, and most importantly, my girlfriend says there is like a static sound and she can hardly hear me. Ive tried for days now and its always rubbish. Secondly, when I use the back camera in a video call the picture is blurred and out of focus. Now for some facts - I'm using WiFi and have got a strong connection. I have lollipop installed. I havent rooted my phone and im not using any launchers or anything like that. The video camera footage is fine when I use it without Skype, so its not a faulty camera. When I make a normal call to someone using the phone it sounds fine. Strangely, even if I do a test call on Skype it sounds fine. So it doesnt seem like its a problem with the microphone. I don't understand why its only when I speak to my girlfriend. I don't talk to anybody else on VoIP so can't test it out with anybody else. Ive even tried using other VoIP apps to talk with her (kakao and ooVoo) and the problems are still happening with those. So its not just a Skype problem. It doesn't seem like its a problem with my girlfriends end either cos like I say, if I use my iPhone everything is fine. I've ended up having to go back to using my 3gs to skype my girlfriend which is ridiculous when I've just spent hundreds on this new phone. I'm very confused and frustrated as to why this is happening. It doesn't seem to make any sense. And like I say, its very important to me because its the only way I can speak with my girlfriend. If anybody could shed any light on this I would be eternally grateful. Thanks in advance. Wayne

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    12-25-2014 02:00 PM
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    Is it different on WiFi vs LTE?

    I use video hangouts and it works perfectly on my 2014 pure edition on t-mobile.
    12-25-2014 02:35 PM
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    Hi, thanks for your suggestions. I haven't tried hangouts. I could try it, but I've already tried a few others without success. Haven't tried LTE. Did think about that, but even if it was better, its not really an option because I speak to my girlfriend every day, sometimes for hours and hours. If I do that using LTE I assume that would end up with me exceeding my 2 gig a month data allowance?

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    12-25-2014 02:50 PM
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    How do we change it to LTE voice? I use Google hangouts for my wi-fi on Tmobile as well. Tmobile give you 5GB of high speed connection usually 4G LTE than after that it would be throttled to unlimited 2G for $30 a month. Also the Wi-FI calling doesn't use up your anytime minutes SWEET. The downside is that it is a bit choppy but not that bad.
    12-25-2014 03:10 PM
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    Just a quick note to say that I tried hangouts and it does actually seem better sound quality, and the video isn't blurred. So a big thank you to SchoelerDroid for the suggestion. My girlfriend and I have been having a much more fruitful experience than when I first used the phone

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    12-27-2014 08:00 AM

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