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    Greetings! I have a mytouch4 with a broken power button, so the factory reset isn't happening. I've got the replacement phone and need to wipe the old one before sending it back. I had set the "connect to pc" default to "charge only" because of restrictions at work. My SD card works fine in the new phone. Windows and linux both recognize the old phone plugged in as a mytouch 4g, but there's no getting into the phone memory.

    Does anyone know of a way to wipe out the internal phone memory via usb, or is there some other way? I know that degaussing doesn't do much with flash memory. A friend recommended a static discharge gun to zap it, but I don't want anything to melt.

    I have 3 days left to get the phone back to tmobile.

    Many thanks,
    06-08-2011 07:56 PM