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    Since having to rely solely on my phones WiFi hotspot mode to provide internet to my desktop, I had to figure out which ROM would run the coolest with the hotspot mode on and the phone plugged into the computer to keep the battery from going dead.
    The Winner was the stock ROM.
    I have a ZV4 baseband V with the Novatek screen and an unlocked bootloader.
    Busybox is installed as well.

    Anyway, on to the good stuff.
    Unless other wise mentioned, all apps can be found on the PlayStore.
    Some of these apps will also work on none rooted V's with the Stock ROM.

    Display Brightness: Allows you to have a brightness slider. I chose to keep the default position which is top-center.
    Notification Toggle: Allows you to put widgets in the taskbar like a Gingerbread ROM. One of the widgets is a power widget which allows you to select to power off, reboot, reboot to recovery, and.......reboot to the bootloader (tested and working on my ZV4 V).
    Battery Monitor: Puts the same batery icon (same size as well) as the stock ROM in the left side of the task bar, only, it has a percent of charge number inside. It also puts a status notification in the pulldown for more info on battery state.
    Floating Network Monitor: Puts a small display on the bottom right of screen that displays download and upload speed as well as the connection type. You can still select anything thats behind the display, due to it's being a floating display.
    OK Screen Shot: Pretty self explanitory.
    Power Widget Lite: Allows you to put as many as many as seven widgets on one bar (between this and Notification Toggle I have 12 widgets that are easily accessed from my home screen.
    PDF Reader: Adobe Reader is no longer supported in Froyo ROMs. Not to worry because PDF Reader seems so far to be better than Adobe Reader.

    Aside from Adobe Reader, the Android Central App and the Mediafire App are the only ones I have found so far that didn't work with the Froyo ROM.

    I'll post here when I find any more cool apps for a rooted Stock ROM (or just plain Stock ROM for that matter).
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    06-18-2014 02:40 AM

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