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    Hello, new to forum, not overly techie person:
    - I have the Samsung S2 LTE on the Rogers network, and have used it without difficulty for over a year. I do not use this phone to its' fullest potential, not playing music or video games on it etc. I do however use the camera a lot for still photos - recently I have noticed that the camera "fails to deploy" at times, or when I am taking pictures, the picture will not save to the micro sd card - a fractured picture or no picture results, or a file that can't be downloaded. I thought it might be the micro sd card so I replaced it twice. The first time the micro sd card I replaced it with was another one I had on hand, the second time I purchased a brand new one,
    Is this likely something I can fix, or is it a symptom of my phone camera failing? Is it something else?
    Please post any replies in a manner this not too technical person can understand? Thanks for any help and assistance offered or attempted!
    11-17-2013 10:17 AM

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