Best older device with SD card support


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Apr 1, 2018
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Hello all. I have been using the S21 Ultra for some time now. However, I really miss having micro SD card support on my device. I'm just curious, what is the best older device that still has SD card support? I suppose the top dog would probably be the Note 20 Ultra, as it's still supported as well. And also... with that in mind, what is the best older device with SD card support for taking pictures? I suppose most might also say the Note 20 Ultra.

I have a few others that might be thrown in that category... the S20 and S20+, Note 10+ and LG V60 to name a few. But like I said, I suppose the Note 20 Ultra would probably have the most "advanced," camera.

I used to have the Note 10+ and it was such an awesome device having 256gb of internal storage, and then the ability to expand it further via micro SD card. I basically felt like I had unlimited storage, since you can easily swap it out for another micro SD card. However, the camera, though very good, doesn't really hold up anywhere near as good as the S21 Ultra or newer devices.

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