1. Hannah Smith1's Avatar
    my sister recently purchased a samsung galaxy ace, unfortunately she is unable to move her storage from phone to sd card which means everything she downloads saves to her phone and causes her to have to delete apps just to receive a text. what do we do? please help.
    06-03-2013 02:54 PM
  2. friedtators's Avatar
    holy moley there is very little documentation on your phone and the manual is worthless

    normally you can not download a game to a sd card. just saying

    you need a file manager out of the playstore like file manager hd. you can use it to find the files and move them off the phone to the sd card
    06-03-2013 03:27 PM
  3. Smokey Mc Pot's Avatar
    Yes to the above.
    The Galaxy ace is a really nice little phone, but is storage space is terrible.
    My suggestion to you is to visit the play store and download "link2sd".
    Using link2sd you can move many apps to the memory card and releasing plenty of space in the phone.
    Also go in camera settings and change the storage location to external sd card.

    I used to own a Galaxy Ace before,
    And I successfully fixed that problem on mine by rooting the phone and bought a good SD card, created a second partition in the external SD card and used link2sd to move the big apps into the second partition...
    Sounds more complicated than it is.

    Sent from my GT-I8160
    06-04-2013 02:43 PM
  4. Lee Lucas's Avatar
    Not being funny here but are we talking about phones that have been rooted or something here. My daughter as the Samsung Galaxy Ace and its forever telling her there is not enough room on the phone to receive her texts. Well I tried this so called link2sd and for the life of me I cannot see how on earth is going to do anything. First up it shows you all the apps which are on the SD card already and on the phone. She only as 4 apps which are games and they are already on the sd card. The rest of the apps such as the ones that come already installed on the phone when she had it, cannot be moved at all. Not even this so called program as got a cats chance in hell of moving them.

    The other thing mentioned here is about going into the Camera settings and changing the storage settings. OK how on can this be done. The Camera itself as not got such an option in its own setting to do such a thing, and there is no way you can do it by going into settings/applications on the phone. The Camera in there and the Gallery will not even let you change the location to the sd card as its greyed out, just the same as it is in this link2sd so called program for all the good it is.

    For a phone to have a Camera on with no option to save your pictures and videos on an sd card. I can honestly say this is a complete joke and the chaps who whoever designed the Samsung Galaxy Ace must have been out of their head when they made the thing. I could get more use out of a Floppy Disc than what this phone gives you to store things on. It's done my head in. The Samsung old Flip phone she had before this thing wipes the floor with it, Never had this problem with them things, and they got bags more room on them too.

    Seem to me the whole of the phones space as been taken up by the Android OS on the thing and gives you nothing on the phone to play with or even give you enough room to receive more than about 10 texts before you have to delete them to receive more.
    06-09-2013 02:04 PM
  5. Smokey Mc Pot's Avatar
    well... nice rant!!!

    You need to understand that you are talking about a "low budget", "bottom of the range" and outdated device...
    In your rant you mentioned to have games saved in the device.
    (There is the cause of your problem).
    As games take far too much space in the device.
    (Game boy is a good alternative)!

    Despite you can move some apps to the SD card on an "unrooted device".
    The data from the apps remain in the phone memory.
    So that is why you don't have space.
    And also too many apps, consume 2 much space...

    It really is a good little phone if you just use it as a phone and not as a game boy.

    -But to truly benefit from is real potential?
    -You need to "root the device".

    Than you also can use apps like "gl to sd" that move the games data away from the device memory to the external sd as well.

    Here the link for instructions on how to use link2sd correctly:

    ... you can also use Google to search for similar or simpler apps that are capable to do the same or similar job.
    And you can also put the device in recovery mode and delete the cache to release space.

    I must admit now that you have managed to confused me in regards to the storage location settings in the camera app.
    At least my phone was saving all the pictures in the SD card. And that was before it was rooted.

    But... hey good luck to you.
    06-09-2013 05:38 PM
  6. Lee Lucas's Avatar
    The phone is not used for games like a gameboy at all and the only 4 little things she has on it are silly little Games that take up 17Mb of space and that's the biggest one of the 4 things she has in size and they went straight to the SD Card anyway without having to move them. All 4 items together only come to 61 Mb's which is puny stuff.

    I know it's a low budget phone, but they did not leave any space on the thing to swing a cat. What is the use of having a phone with the internet on and an OS on when the device does not have the room to accompany such things. You would be stuffed using Facebook on this thing.

    Using it as a phone is about the only thing it is good for, and it does not even have the space for emails and loads of texts, so it does not even do that very well does it.

    As for rooting a brand new phone, to which you have the chance of turning it into a brick. I find that quite amusing that people would want to do such a thing, especially as from what I have seen with these new custom roms peeps have on their phones make the phone look pants to what the original phone was in the first place, and must have more money than sense. Mind you a brick would work better than this thing (LOL)

    I have both a Galaxy S3 and a Sammy Galaxy Tab 2 myself and I would not dream of rooting them at all. But these things do the job a thousand times better that what Samsung have done with the Galaxy Ace. The fact that they left no room on the thing and that Andoids OS does not have the capability of deleting stuff is really a bad combination for this phone.
    06-10-2013 08:22 AM
  7. Smokey Mc Pot's Avatar
    I'm only replying in the forum, to try to help people, by providing information, solutions and alternatives...

    You said (61mb storage used)... from the 158mb storage available in the device.

    You might have bought the phone recently, but it is an old and ancient device today.
    There is no more development or updates available for that device anymore.

    When I moved from my beloved (WebOs) Palm Pre to the Android platform, I bought the Samsung ace as a test run.
    And after a day of use, I run out of memory.
    Yes Facebook integration is good, but once you install the actual app... that is it, no more memory available...
    I understand were you come from on regards to root and modifying.
    And I don't like custom Roms either.

    But I was left out of options with the ace.
    So I started to read about the "root" process and I done my homework and I read so many different experiences and Instructions and...
    I arrived to the conclusion that the bad rumors and story's are made by the ignorant and the irresponsible with lack of brain cells and no common sense.

    Since I had nothing to loose (just a low budget phone), I decided and end up trying and...
    worked like a charm.
    I never looked back again.
    And today I am a part time Android developer. And do my contribution in developer websites.

    I strongly advise you to read the truth about the rooting process...
    Do your homework, "read the feedback comments below the instructions" and "compare instructions and techniques", take notes of the correct device specks, and finally use the little test (guinea pig) ace as a test run since you have little to lose.
    And find the truth for yourself.
    Mark my words,
    You will not regret it.

    Rooting a device is unlocking the truth potential of the phone.
    You will be surprised about the potential of any phone after being rooted.

    Best regards

    Please don't be cruel to the cat. lol

    06-10-2013 09:36 AM
  8. Jorg Baele's Avatar

    I have the same problem, not enough space anymore. I've installed Link2SD and allready created a second partition on the sd-card. But now link2SD is telling me that it has no root acces. I've read that it's required to root my phone. But how do I do this?

    My phone is not an Galaxy Ace, but a european version of it (I guess), it's a galaxy GT-I5500. It is running on firmware version 2.1-update 1.

    Can someone help me plz!
    Thx a lot allready!
    jeffrey espejo likes this.
    06-10-2013 12:02 PM
  9. jeffrey espejo's Avatar
    How to do root
    03-18-2014 10:54 AM

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