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    Been a while, just cruising along with my trusty 2014 10.1 , until about a week ago. I use Opera as my browser, I like it because it (did in previous versions ) lets you access or import speed dials from other devices. I have auto update turned off in play store, but about a week ago on this one tablet (I have 2 of them) it started updating to the version that no longer has this feature. I uninstalled it, used app sender to send the version I like from the other tablet, installed, all good ya? NOPE seems every day or other day or so, it just has a mind of its own and overwrites my desired version and installs the update I don't want.

    The other same exact tablet does not have this issue . Anyone have any ideas here? It's really driving me nuts as every time I reinstall , I have to re enter my login /pw on various sites.

    Thanks for any thoughts here..
    10-04-2017 08:40 AM

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