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    I have posted previously my main concern with the Note 3 is the reported weak signal reception on LTE and 3G compared to another phone in the same location on the same carrier. Also, there are posts that discuss its very weak wifi reception as compared to another phone in the same home. My questions are:

    Do you use wifi in your home? If so, how is the reception compared to your iphone 4's or later?
    How about LTE reception compared to your 4's? Are you able to get reception in all areas you used to, or is the LTE reception worse on the Note 3. Are you able to acquire LTE reception on the Iphone and not on your Note 3 in some areas?

    My wife's Iphone 4's receives great wifi reception anywhere in our home (2500 sq ft single story with office and router at one end of the house), and I lose reception with my current phone when I move 12 feet away and there is one wall between myself and the router. Same for ATT coverage, Iphone 4's has zero problems, and when I am with her I sometimes can't get a signal at all and have to use her phone. I really want the Note 3 (ready to purchase today), but I really insist on good reception this time.

    The only method I know of to compare apples and apples is if someone who has both is willing to provide me this feedback. If the Note 3 is as good as the 4's or later Iphone I am all in.

    Thanks in advance for any feedback provided. I really want to purchase the Note 3 today.
    10-04-2013 08:15 AM

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