1. Chris Travels's Avatar
    Thanks for taking the time to check my post. I recently switched from an Iphone to the Note 4 as my main camera for my YouTube Vlog. My channel is based on RV travel so having a small compact camera that can be used with a pole is important. My Note 4 currently has the otter box defender case that is roughly 3.75 inches wide. I am looking for a good quality pole that can fit a phone that size. Does anyone have any experience with this setup? Thanks!


    BTW, if you are interested in seeing my trip from Indiana to Alaska in my Class A motorhome search youtube for Chris Travels
    01-05-2015 10:51 PM
  2. Rukbat's Avatar
    iStabilizer smartMount Tripod Adapter - Android Photography - ShopAndroid maximum width is 3.5". There should be something like that a little larger. (You could always take the phone out of the case when you want to take a picture - if you're a professional masochist. Changing batteries once a month is bad enough.)
    01-06-2015 12:47 AM

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