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    I just reset an unlocked GTI-9100to factory settings. When I press the 'Home Key' I do not roll to the default panel of the Idle screen (default 'Home' screen). Instead, I roll to a blue background with clock, AccuWeather.com info, app icons along the bottom, and 2 icons in the upper right - 1) an option to toggle between sound & silent which changes the icon but doesn't actually affect volume, and 2) an "X" inside a circle to close out of this annoying screen. The only way to get to the Idle screen is to use the 'Go Back' button and back out of everything. Since I now have a 'non-multitasking device' I essentially have a really cool battery charger.

    How do I convince this device to go to the Idle screen when I press the Home Key?

    11-10-2013 11:40 AM

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