1. Kevin Li's Avatar
    So I got an unlocked international gs3 unlocked as a gift.

    I currently have a att samsung gs2. I was wondering if I could just cut my gs2 SIM into a micro size and put it into the gs3?
    (I heard I have to get it activated in order to use the data plan and have the my same phone number.)
    I really want to use my new gs3 that my friend gave me.
    12-01-2012 04:18 PM
  2. funkylogik's Avatar
    Cut it n try it. Micro sims still work in the oldskool phones if you position it right.
    Remember to copy the APN from old phones

    Ps i duno much about US carriers but phone# should stay same

    Unbranded international s3 with Official JB. Paisley, Slotland, Western Europe :beer:
    12-01-2012 06:42 PM

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