1. The_Decisive_KID's Avatar
    Someone please help I'm trying to update Jelly Bean 4.1.2 to 4.2.2 for my Samsung Galaxy S3!

    I get this error message:

    <ID:0/003> Added!!
    <ID:0/003> Odin v.3 engine (ID:3)..
    <ID:0/003> File analysis..
    <ID:0/003> SetupConnection..
    <ID:0/003> Initialzation..
    <ID:0/003> Get PIT for mapping..
    <ID:0/003> Firmware update start..
    <ID:0/003> recovery.img
    <ID:0/003> NAND Write Start!!
    <ID:0/003> boot.img
    <ID:0/003> system.img
    <ID:0/003> FAIL!
    <OSM> All threads completed. (succeed 0 / failed 1)

    I have a Verizon Samsung Galaxy S3 I have unlocked the bootloader, I already rooted the phone. Another problem it says System detected this is not authorized software by Verizon Wireless... PLEASE HELP!
    07-18-2013 08:04 AM
  2. GSDer's Avatar
    You haven't said which specific firmware you're trying to load. Can you provide a link to the file you're trying to flash?
    If you attempt to flash firmware that's not intended for your specific model/carrier, bad things can happen, up to and including making the device completely useless.

    Sent from my rooted, debloated, deodexed Sinclair ZX-80 running CM -0.001 using Tapatalk 4
    07-18-2013 10:09 AM
  3. rajsundar1945's Avatar
    I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 Model SM-N900P. This was used by my son in USA till November 2014. His carrier was Sprint. In November he gifted to me after legally and properly unlocking it. I am now using it with VODAFONE India as my carrier. GSM Technology. OS is Android 4.3. IMEI No. 990003463750766. Baseband version N900PVPUBMI1. I downloaded Android 5.0 from SAMOBILE website on payment. When I try to install it in my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 through Odin 3.0 I get the message "Unsupport Dev-type". Kindly help how I can get past this hurdle and successfully download the firmware.
    03-17-2015 08:48 AM

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