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    So basically i rooted my samsung s4 on bell with clockworkmod "CF-Autoroot" odin and tried out a few roms. didnt like the roms, switched to my restorre and im back. but now i want to unroot and get rid of clockwork mod. How do i do that? Also, My bigissu is that my phone sais i have 16 gb space, and only 9 mb available. there are no none-stock apps on it and i have nothing else installed. This is after a fresh factory reset. so
    1: how do i remove clockworkmod
    2: how do i get all of my storage space back
    3: how do i remove all remnants of my rooting adventures
    4: how can i go back to getting carrier (bell) updates?
    5: At least show me how to get as close to how it was when i bought it.
    09-09-2013 08:07 PM

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