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    Hi everyone..I want everyone to know that I did attempt to search for a solution first, and although I came close, still no real solution.. So, here I am..

    Im an Android newbie, and just switched from my iphone to Galaxy S4 and have been tinkering with the S4 solidly for over a week, just to get the basic things working the way that I would like.. Basic stuff like getting a simple message count (called a badge in Iphone world) next to my messaging app icon so that I know that I have unread messages waiting...

    It worked with the stock S4 message app.. I downloaded Go SMS Pro since it is so feature-rich, and got it all working EXCEPT I dont know if I have any messages waiting unless I open the app.. Believe it or not, I am ready to unistall and go back to stock for THIS reason alone. I am certain its me (newbie) but if not, its a shame that this app doesnt do such a logical thing.. And I would like to do it without changing my entire UI and downloading Go Launcher EX if I could..

    So then.. Does anyone know how to get the unread message count number (badge) on my Go SMS app icon to show up?

    Thanks everyone for your help.. I really like the droid, and love the flexibility and options that I am now provided, but cant seem to get over the simplicity of the iphone (it does everything I need it to do.. like it read my mind lol
    11-09-2013 11:53 AM