1. sljm2011's Avatar
    I got a new S4 mini last night and I set up and logged in with my gmail account. Before I knew it, there were about 400 pictures and videos that I haven't seen in years. Some of them I was sure I had deleted... This may sound really stupid, but where did they come from? How can I get rid of some of them permanently? I deleted a ton but I don't want them to show up again later if/when I get a new phone. I didn't have any pictures on Google+ (I don't use it) so I really don't know where they came from. Please help. I have Verizon so I thought maybe the backup assistant but I never uploaded anything...
    12-07-2013 11:06 PM
  2. Haalcyon's Avatar
    Welcome to Android Central!

    Looks like at some point you may have uploaded some photos to Picasa Web perhaps? If you go to Picasa I'd not be surprised if you saw all the photos there.
    12-08-2013 04:59 AM

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