1. andrew_sc_syd's Avatar
    my wife has an S4. In the last month, it happened twice that the device went into Driving Mode.

    She is not a technical person and would not know how to navigate the settings menu. On top of my head, even I don't remember how to turn on Driving Mode. I was able to switch it off, because there was a prominent note in among the settings. It wa annoying when receiving a call at home, and the phone started to speak the calling number, without we answering the call. It was even more annoying in the car, because normally the phone connects to the Bluetooth which takes care of the rest. But in driving mode, the Bluetooth got bypassed, so we couldn't hear or speak to the phone wich was sitting safely in a bag in the car.

    I wonder how does the device switch itself to Driving Mode without menu navigation. I checked the notification area, but none of the shortcuts there can turn the Driving Mode on. I checked the commands which come up on long-press of the power button. Nothing. Could it be a malfunction when the phone conencts to Bluetooth ? Any hint to prevent this from happening ?
    10-14-2014 11:50 PM
  2. Mark Hersey's Avatar
    It could just be a fault with the phone, so keep an eye on it. My S4 recently had two problems:

    1) it would tell me no SIM card was inserted and force me to re-boot the phone (constantly). I got this repaired (under warranty) and then...
    2) the phone would detect headphones, even though none were inserted.

    In the end, Samsung replaced the handset.
    10-15-2014 03:17 AM

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