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    I'm looking for some input, please.

    I have the HTC One M9 on Verizon. I like it a lot. But I'm VERY annoyed with the power button location, and even with the passage of time, I can't seem to stop inadvertently turning the device on or off.

    I'm considering switching to the S6. I'm only considering it at this point.

    I'd really appreciate input from anyone who has owned/used both.
    09-04-2015 02:46 PM
  2. Phillip Pugh's Avatar
    Well I've had mine since they came out I the one thug I can say is that it a beast super fast on opening and closing apps . The camera is miles Better then the m9 and the phone is much lighter . Everything just work the biggest gripe is the battery life . But since my last upgrade it working so much better . If you choose the gs6 I'm sure you'll love it to

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    09-04-2015 10:31 PM
  3. pdxrealtor's Avatar
    I've tried to like android for years. Closest thing that i came to keeping for more than a few months was the HTC touch (think that was the name) a few years ago.

    That was until I saw the S6 at Best Buy. The screen is beautiful and that got me to pick it up and play with it which got me to read about it which led to purchasing it which led to selling my iphone 6. Lol.

    I attribute much of the attraction (can't believe I'm gonna say this) to touch wiz and the "samsung" experience, which I used to hate back in the gs1 and 2 days.

    Software speaking... It really is, IMO, very close to an iPhone with all the android features that I have really liked since day 1.

    Hardware speaking it's a beast. This is the best phone I've had since iPhone / Android debut.

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    09-04-2015 11:31 PM
  4. drone3's Avatar
    Here's some points to consider

    HTC are much better at software than Samsung, Sense kills touchwiz. Samsung needs a 3rd party launcher like Nova.

    HTC M9 have much better dual speakers than the crappy single one on the S6

    HTC M9 has a better curved design, aesthetics and better materials.

    Samsung S6 has a much better screen, the amoled is so good it's addictive, anything else looks terrible in comparison.

    Samsung S6 has a much better camera, it gives quick brilliant photos in all conditions.

    Samsung's fast charging is unbelievable, it charges support fast, full charge in just over 1 hour.

    The S6 is the better phone in my opinion but there are three main issues that I have found with it

    1. Small battery , poorly optimized
    2. Crap reception compared to HTC
    3. RAM leakage, can't multi task properly

    Hope that helps

    dreaming of electric sheep
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    09-05-2015 05:42 AM

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