1. WallaceD's Avatar
    I'm sure this is a stupid question, but I'm going nuts trying to find an answer.

    I have some older apps that are the furthest thing from material design and they do not have a settings slider or icon. On my old Maxx, I could long press the "recent apps" button and it would access the menu for the app.

    I can't find any such option on the S7/Edge. Does such a shortcut exist? If not, how does one access a menu without a button, icon, slider, etc?

    Thanks in advance for any help.
    04-06-2016 12:40 PM
  2. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Press and Hold the Back button.
    04-06-2016 12:44 PM
  3. WallaceD's Avatar
    Well, I've tried that and it doesn't work. Is there a setting I need to enable to activate that shortcut?

    Edit: that *does* work on apps that have a visible menu icon/slider, etc. But on apps without one, it simply backs out of the app.

    Note: the actual app I'm dealing with is "Volume Control Plus Pro." I've tried this several times, and it doesn't work.
    04-06-2016 12:49 PM
  4. SpookDroid's Avatar
    Mmmm... I remember there were apps that could add 'soft buttons' but most require root or don't have a specific Menu button

    Maybe it's time to either let the dev know or find an app that does the same.
    04-06-2016 01:07 PM
  5. WallaceD's Avatar
    Agreed. This dev hasn't updated this app/widget in years, so...

    Perhaps I just need to find a new volume control widget. Heh.
    04-06-2016 01:27 PM
  6. WallaceD's Avatar
    BTW, I was finally able to access the menu by enabling the "Assistant menu" via the Dexterity and interaction section of the Accessibility settings.

    This turns on an on-screen icon that stays on the screen and acts as a shortcut for many features. When clicked, it pops up a menu. Within this menu, there is a "More options" button. In the ancient app I was speaking of, this brought up the required settings menu.
    07-03-2016 01:10 PM

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