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    What's The Point In Using A Package Disabler Anymore? I Have Been Seeing Things I Disabled In PDP Show Up...
    But what's the point in disabling things when it seems things I went and disabled show up as included packages and included processes in Gsam when I go to see what all is running in Android System when I disabled a lot of those packages? There's no wakelocks from anything disabled but when you look at the included packages in the Android System there are packages I disabled in Package Disabler Pro, so what's the point in disabling them when they are the included packages running and included processes running?
    The wakelocks shown are not anything I have disabled.
    I'll show results tomorrow of battery usage and Gsam results and the apps I use before I charge my phone next time, so hopefully you all can help me pinpoint what is causing the wakelocks in Android System. I did a FDR on Monday due to high android system battery usage. So my phone, operating system, and battery could still be settling in. Right now I have 16h on the battery with Screen at 12% battery and Android System at 11% battery. I'm at 36%. I did restart my phone a few times and take off auto brightness app Lux and tried Velis but uninstalled it and I'm trying stock auto brightness and took PDP off a few times and downloaded it again and disabled packages so that's the reason I will wait until before I charge the phone again. I'm debating on just not using PDP for everything I disabled which includes packages and processes showing up in battery usage in GSAM and just disabling things I don't use that I can't disable in stock. since it doesn't seem to do much good because included packages and processes are showing up in GSAM under things using my battery.
    I had this before the FDR. Then it seems my gallery app went rogue because I was getting 31% battery usage in 8h 24m 18s the package com.samsung.cmh:CMH was the culprit in Gsam Battery Monitor Included packages were com.samsung.faceservice CMHProvider com.samsung.enhanceservice com.samsung.dcmservice com.samsung.ipservice com.samsung.storyservice My gallery kept doing weird things and all I had been doing was moving a bunch of pictures to different albums and before that editing pictures in Aviary. Now I also had disabled a few of those things causing wakelocks in PDP before the FDR.
    I just got this phone on June 9th as a replacement for a overheating phone. This is a brand new phone and not reconditioned. I already checked.
    06-21-2017 06:51 PM
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    Hi. Please use your original post since it has replies.


    06-21-2017 07:49 PM

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