12-26-2018 02:43 PM
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  1. James Falconer's Avatar
    Ok ok, I know I'm a little early here, but I keep seeing renders and random case action for the upcoming S9 and S9+. Figured we should start an official thread now. Why not!?

    So - if you spot any sweet looking cases for the upcoming S9 and S9+, post them up here (with links please!).
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    01-18-2018 11:58 AM
  2. anon(27512)'s Avatar
    Will do. Hoping for UAG cases soon. They always leak early. Love their cases.
    01-20-2018 04:13 AM
  3. Krystyna02's Avatar
    Olixar Samsung S9 Ultra-Thin Case has been leaked.
    01-23-2018 05:17 AM
  4. callihan_44's Avatar
    Will do. Hoping for UAG cases soon. They always leak early. Love their cases.
    this is what Im waiting for, one of my favorite case makers
    01-23-2018 08:08 AM
  5. shasticat's Avatar
    01-27-2018 04:45 PM
  6. anon(27512)'s Avatar
    this is what Im waiting for, one of my favorite case makers
    Same man. Plus they provide solid leaks on phones. they leaked the iphone x super early.
    01-29-2018 08:44 PM
  7. Krystyna02's Avatar
    I plan to buy S9, I will buy a wallet case for my S9.
    01-30-2018 06:29 AM
  8. shasticat's Avatar
    Anyone have experience on other devices with the Venoro 9H Hardness Anti Glare Anti-Scratch screen protector? The photo looks nice.

    Best Cases for the Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+-71hmndvwfvl._sl500_.jpg
    02-01-2018 07:43 AM
  9. 7307atlittlerock's Avatar
    looking for leather cases from iPulse and Sena
    02-15-2018 01:23 PM
  10. kalel114's Avatar
    I have always gone with Spigen Tough Armor. Amazing quality. Did the same with the S9 Plus. Amazon has it for 16.99. Just ordered it.
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    02-25-2018 02:14 PM
  11. Bittersweet_Life's Avatar
    Otterbox Strada!

    This one looks a bit sleeker than the S8 version too.

    As tempered glass for curved displays have largely been garbage (IMO), using a folio case like this one allows me to keep the screen naked and not worry about scratches or damage.

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    02-26-2018 12:22 PM
  12. I_didnt_do_it's Avatar
    I bet tech21 will make some good ones for these phones.
    02-26-2018 04:26 PM
  13. anon(5506951)'s Avatar
    I've already bookmarked some (and discovered some more) rugged, MIL SPEC cases and other nice ones I'm looking at getting for the S9+. Mods, feel free to Sticky, and others may feel free to add to this list. These include:

    The UAG Monarch: https://www.urbanarmorgear.com/produ...y-s9-plus-case

    LifeProof FRĒ: https://www.lifeproof.com/en-us/gala...-sam-gs9p.html

    Tech 21 Evo Max: https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?...token=IwTy6FrF

    Tech 21 Evo Tactical: https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?...token=DRmG60HB

    Tech 21 Evo Check: https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?...token=3rmgfO_p

    Tech 21 Evo Wallet: https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?...token=RuRWZoKF

    X-Doria Defense Shield: https://xdorialife.com/collections/s...t=360811069456

    X-Doria Defense Luxe: https://xdorialife.com/collections/s...t=360800026640

    Speck Presidio Grip: Presidio Grip Samsung Galaxy S9+ Cases

    Speck Presidio Ultra: Presidio Ultra Samsung Galaxy S9+ Cases

    Speck Presidio Sport: Presidio Sport Samsung Galaxy S9+ Cases

    Caseology Legion: https://www.caseologycases.com/produ...t=637829709840

    Caseology Parallax: https://www.caseologycases.com/produ...t=637830430736

    Caseology Vault: https://www.caseologycases.com/produ...t=637831610384

    Patchworks Level ITG: https://patchworks.us/collections/ga...itg-level-case

    Spigen Pro Guard: https://www.spigen.com/collections/g...t=571687763969

    Spigen Reventon: https://www.spigen.com/collections/g...t=571685142529

    Spigen Hybrid 360: https://www.spigen.com/collections/g...=6978555936815

    Otterbox Defender: https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?...token=9MFaqdd1

    Otterbox Persuit: https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?...token=NbZt4sv4

    OtterBox Strada: https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?...token=oRNt-v_j

    Ringke Fusion: Ringke.com

    Ringke Wave: Ringke.com

    Ringke Onyx: Ringke.com

    Evolutive Labs RhinoShield SolidSuit: https://rhinoshield.io/pages/main-pa...it-carbon-case

    Ghostek Atomic Slim: https://www.ghostekproducts.com/prem...omic-slim.html

    Ghostek Nautical: https://www.ghostekproducts.com/sams...-nautical.html

    Gear4: https://www.gear4.com/products/samsu...galaxy-s9-plus

    Supcase: https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?...token=IL4M6WtO

    Olixar: https://www.olixar.com/cases/samsung-galaxy-s9-plus

    Poetic: https://www.poeticcases.com/search?t...Galaxy+S9+Plus

    Griffin: https://forums.androidcentral.com/e?...token=D1v8YE2g

    Encased: https://www.encased.com/products/gal...n-smooth-black

    02-27-2018 02:40 PM
  14. rimz808's Avatar
    Has anyone used the RhinoShield bumper case on S8 plus? If so, thoughts? I like the idea of a bumper so it does not add bulk and the back can be seen. However, is protection just as good? Also, with glass back exposed, I may need to get a tempered glass protector for both front and back.

    Thoughts about that case?
    02-27-2018 03:51 PM
  15. rimz808's Avatar
    Any recommended tempered glass screen protectors for both front and back? Needs to be case friendly as well
    02-27-2018 03:57 PM
  16. anon(5506951)'s Avatar
    I've never used a RhinoShield bumper, but I do have their Impact Protection screen protector on my Nexus 6P with the Speck CandyShell Grip case. That combo has saved my phone a number of times, including a face first drop on concrete. The device itself is in pristine condition.

    I'm hoping Evolutive Labs has their Impact Protection screen protector available for the S9+, cause this one has sold me. I'd rather use it than tempered glass that won't offer full coverage, or affects touch response. I still haven't found one TGSP that completely works on Samsung phones that has good reviews, since I was considering the Note 8 before.
    02-27-2018 04:49 PM
  17. RaRa85's Avatar
    I'm getting the clear Spigen Ultra Hybrid case. Protection that doesn't hide the phone at the same time. Win win in my opinion.
    02-27-2018 08:25 PM
  18. Doug Moffat's Avatar
    I always recommend Case-Mate padded black leather folio case. About $60. Makes phone seem smaller by eliminating hard, angular corners.
    02-27-2018 10:26 PM
  19. D13H4RD2L1V3's Avatar
    I have always used Spigen cases as of late. They are my go-to case manufacturer and I've preferred their look, feel and additional features.

    I used the Slim Armor with the G4, the Neo Hybrid with the ill-fated Note7 and my current go-to is the Tough Armor for the Note8 although I have a Rugged Armor as well.

    I can comfortably recommend those for the S9. The Neo Hybrid if you want grip, Rugged Armor for an understated look, and the Slim/Tough Armor if you want protection without excessive bulk and a kickstand.

    Of course, if protection is everything for you, then I would suggest the Spigen Pro Guard or Reventon. They are really, REALLY expensive at $60 and $65 respectively, but these are cases that eschew sleekness and design for protection. They even have a glass screen protector that attaches to the case frame.

    UAG, Otterbox and even Samsung themselves make nice cases, especially if you have different aesthetic preferences or you want a different look and feel. But I have had more experience with Spigen and those are the ones I can recommend
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    02-28-2018 03:58 AM
  20. LJSquishy's Avatar
    Is there a folio/wallet style case that will also protect from drops? I probably need a case to protect from drops but like the idea of a folio case. Drop protection is more important, though.
    02-28-2018 03:10 PM
  21. Fathertime's Avatar
    Supcase Unicorn Beetle with builtin screen protector.
    02-28-2018 05:55 PM
  22. Krystyna02's Avatar
    Is there a folio/wallet style case that will also protect from drops?
    I searched on Google and found this wallet case: http://www.casemecase.com/product/ca...9-wallet-case/
    03-01-2018 03:49 AM
  23. speed13's Avatar
    Here is the one I got

    Spigen Thin Fit Galaxy S9 Plus Case with Light but Durable Slim Profile with QNMP Metal Plate Slot for Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus (2018) - Black

    I have this case on my Galaxy 8+ and was very happy,so I will stay with same on 9+
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    03-01-2018 04:25 PM
  24. Mark8768's Avatar
    LifeProof FRĒ for the win... have them on my s8 plus.... perfect.
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    03-01-2018 07:35 PM
  25. eljoker's Avatar
    Samsung hasnt announced any cases yet have they?
    03-01-2018 09:36 PM
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