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    I don't know know if you guys already know this, but after much frustration, I was finally able to figure out how to make a new Sandisk Ultra 64GB micro-SD card work for this tablet.

    I found this great post from this site on how to do this - See Post #5 which is copied below. You need to install the free version of an app called "EaseUs Partition Master Home Edition" which allows you to format the memory card to FAT32. By the way, this app is slightly non-intuitive, after you click on the drive to format and press okay, you need to press the X button at top right of app as if you're exiting the program, which will then prompt you to start the process of formatting to FAT 32 and you choose yes. IMPORTANT: After finish formatting card, and inserting into the tablet, you need to RESTART the tablet in order for tablet to recognize the card. I now have 64GB of external memory storage (actually it's approx 59GB of usable external memory)!!

    Link here below - Thanks for the OP who posted this!!
    64gb microSD cards - The Galaxy Tab Forum

    Bought a genuine Sandisk 64GB Ultro MicroSD card which includes a SD card adapter.

    Went online to find methods to format the microsd card as Galaxy Tab 7 Plus won't recognize it when I put it in the card slot.

    Don't use Windows to format the card since it won't work because Windows won't format the card if it's over 32Gb which is the Windows limitation.

    I waited over 2 hours for the card to be formatted before Windows put up an error message that it couldn't format the card due to the size restriction!!
    Couldn't Windows have put up that message Before the formatting began since it IS a known Windows restriction?!

    I had to reformat the microsd card back to ExFat32 since the Windows formatting wiped out the previous file structure!

    Luckily, I found and used "EaseUs Partition Master Home Edition" :- http://www.partition...om/personal.htm , which is free!
    It's very similar to Windows' Computer Management Disk Management function.

    Put the card adapter with microsd chip into the SD card slot of your computer...
    Open the program...
    Select the drive for that specific card...
    Right click...
    Choose FAT32...
    In less than 30 seconds... it's done.
    Goto WinExplorer and check the format of the card...
    It should read FAT32.

    My GT7+ now recognizes the microsd card with ~58Gb.

    Since this is my first Android device, I'm still learning on how to Manually structure the folder directory of the MicroSD card (i.e. create folders... music, media, playlists, photos, etc...) as I've yet to learn how to use Samsung's Kies program.

    Good luck!
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    02-18-2013 12:46 PM
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    By the way, on a related note: I was able to easily copy and paste files from my Windows laptop directly to the Samsung 7.7 tablet via the USB charging cable. At first I got a Windows error message that says do you want to skip this process because you might not be able to read the file, or to go ahead and copy/paste the file? I went ahead and clicked on okay to copy/paste file, and sure enough, the files got copied to the 64GB micro-SD card and I was able to view the files through the tablet! Very nice!!

    Conversely, I had the most frustrating experience trying to do the same thing with a different Android tablet, the Lenova A2109 IdeaTab. I tried on 3 separate Windows laptops to transfer/copy files from the laptop to the tablet, but it simply would not work for the Lenova tablet. Frustrating! However, on a positive note, the same Sandisk 64GB Ultra micro-SD card was able to work on the Lenova tablet after having completed a reformatting to "File system: NTFS" and "Allocation unit size: 4096 bytes". I did not have to use the EaseUs Partition app that I posted previously. I bought a 2nd Sandisk 64GB card for the Lenova tablet.

    Here's a tip for those wanting to buy a Sandisk Ultra 64GB card. Best Buy store currently sells it for $99.99 because it's not on sale. However, I went to the cashier yesterday and showed them the B&H Photography website listing the same card at around $53.00!! I had my Samsung Note 2 phone logged into the B&H Photography website to show them the information. The cashier had the manager do a price override, and I bought the memory card for $53.00 plus tax!! I actually bought 2 cards at the same matched price, woohoo!
    02-18-2013 01:11 PM
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    Ebay has similar cards for less than $30.....They aren't Sandisk, but I have bought them for other purposes and they seem to work fine.
    03-18-2013 11:58 AM
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    I tried to format my sd card and it said the operation did not complete because the media is write-protected. Do you know how to remove this so that I can format my sd card. Thanks for the help.
    05-26-2013 04:27 PM

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