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    This is for the new to the scene. I'm not the creators just listing out your options. Newer releases first. Always remember to thank the people that made all this possible. Hope all the creators don't mind me linking to there pages, this is to make finding and using your wonderful creations easier for the new to this world. I was there once and just would like to help. Please this is my first tread will be updated and improving. Remember to always follow the directions given on creator's threads. Any suggestions please feel free. Will be adding a theme section soon.

    P.S. If any creators would like to be removed please just let me know.

    Disclaimer: Neither myself or the developers are responsible for any damage you do to your phone. All of our files/development are tested extensively by several testers and are not released untill all bugs have been corrected. If you are not familiar with these methods, I'd suggest that you do some research elsewhere to better understand before you attempt anything on your device.

    Modded ROMs :

    1.) EXPLOSION ROM Formaly Ultra Rom VERSION 4.1.0 [9/27/2012] (Boost only) => Link Download : Link

    Themes :

    A.) Green => Link

    B.) Pink => Link

    C.) Stock Blue => Link

    2.) Megatron 6.x.x [9/18/2012] (Supports Boost and Sprint) => Link Download Mirrors : Boost / Sprint

    Themes :

    A.) [Slayer72]Pink => Link

    B.) [Slayer72]Green => Link

    C.) [Slayer72]Glorious Sunshine => Link

    D.) [xaelith]Simple Red and Green => Link

    and MORE on the Megatron Thread => Link

    3.) CTMod 3.x.x [9/5/2012] (Supports Boost and Sprint) => Link

    Themes :

    A.) WP7 Style Blue => Link

    More theme info on CTMod Thread => Link

    4.) iDEV => Link Download Mirror : Boost

    5.) NEW!! Boost/Sprint FF27 Update Rooted Final Ver{8/1/12} (Supports Boost and Sprint) => Link Download Mirror : Boost / Sprint

    6.) Loota's bear necessities rom 2.3.6 with WIFI FIX (Boost Only) => Link Download Mirror : Boost

    7.) Prime rom: UPDATED 3/5/12 (Boost Only) => Link Download Mirror : Boost

    8.) Star-ScROM (Supports Boost and Sprint) {Download Links no longer work} => Link

    9.) MrRee???RoM -v.0.4 1/12/2012 (Tested on Boost) => Link Download Mirror : Boost

    And to get this done the CWM you'll need => Link

    If you would like to do your own themes then this is where you want to go [UOT] => Link

    To fix google talk authentication failed => Link

    Returning to Stock info



    And thanks to any I missed.

    Well I hope this help anyone who's interested. This is a small amount of info if you need more check out => Link

    Remember to THANK if this helped.

    If this helped in any way please hit thanks

    Samsung Transform Ultra running Megatron 6.0.4
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    10-02-2012 12:23 AM
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    You should post the links to the devs sites where they released them so people can check em out. Good job on the compilation thought thanks!
    01-29-2013 07:52 PM

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