1. stuxperia's Avatar
    Hi all,

    My girlfriend's just got a Transform (with Sprint, I think) and when we use Skype it defaults to the loudspeaker. Does anyone know if there's an option or way of setting it to the earpiece? We live in different countries so I can't get my hands on it to work out how. I think the handset is running 2.1 but again I can't check. She has been in to the store and was told to check Google for a solution!! I've done that but am not getting anywhere.

    Many thanks in advance!

    07-20-2011 05:07 AM
  2. Anna Simon's Avatar
    I dont't have a clue, but I was just curious, has Skype always worked with her phone? I have the same phone and it doesn't let me video call with anyone.
    11-19-2012 12:21 PM