1. emg75189's Avatar
    OK so here's my problem. I moved back in to my mom's for the time being, it out in the country so of course sprint has no or weak service. I called sprint and they've sending me a airave. That's great and all but we don't have dsl. All we have is a tmobile mifi, that works great Btw. Is there any way to hook up this airave to a mifi? Or is there a app I can use to make wifi calling?
    03-29-2012 12:58 PM
  2. Samsmalls's Avatar
    What's t mobile mifi? Is this is some sort of wireless Tmobile internet with a router then all you'll need for the airwave is ethernet connection. If it's all wireless you may be screwed...
    03-30-2012 12:37 AM
  3. foogle's Avatar
    Just get a wireless adapter to convert your wifi connection to ethernet.
    04-01-2012 10:14 PM
  4. michaeljc70's Avatar
    I hope your mifi is unlimited. It will eat your bandwidth.

    Sprint sent me an Airave and I sent it back. I am not paying for Sprint service to have to use my own internet for service.

    You might as well use a VOIP phone and Google Voice to forward your cell to it.

    BTW...that has a TOS agreement. They don't tell you that on the phone usually. You have to return it if you cancel service or don't use it.
    04-14-2012 04:58 PM
  5. Stearmandriver's Avatar
    Hey there...

    I'd go with Google Voice, and find an app called GrooveIP for your Epic Touch. It may not be on the market but you can probably google it and download it from their site. Costs a few bucks.

    It's a google voice client that will allow you to make and receive calls over your Epic's wifi connection to the mifi. I use it over hotel wifi in Mexico all the time and it works great. People calling you will just call your google voice number.

    VOIP may violate the TMobile TOS, who knows ... I'd just try it and if TMobile complains, tell them someone must have leeched your service and you'll change the password lol.
    04-14-2012 10:21 PM