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    As stated above im having alot of problems including battery of course.

    but my phone has been crashing alot lately and super laggy.

    All browsers crashing, Tw launcher crashing, Mapservice errors phone freezing, phone even rebooted its self and got stuck on the 4g logo screen. im at a lost what to do im tired of resting my phone.

    sprint wants me to come in to run some stupid test which ive read never works, and they wont send me a replacement phone. im under full insurance..
    i dont want to go into a store to discuss my phone problems with some one who is going to act like there isnt any problems with this phone. going to reset phone and tell me to come back in a couple days and tell them how the phone is doing. ive read all the stories and the long process people go threw with sprint.

    i doubt its a battery issue making my phone crash, haven't downloaded apps in a month. skip horrible feedback updates. im seriously just about to root my phone and get a blu kuban rom.

    im pretty sure i wont get an answer here. and if i made this thread on xda ill just be laughed at and simply asked why am i not rooted. just making this thread to let you guys know these problems still exist and you guys aren't the only ones.

    just wish there was an answer out there for me, no i dont see the need to get another phone the phone is a great phone just wish i could go back to GB.
    12-03-2012 01:56 PM

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