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    Long time lurker, first time post, so I've been searching and can't find anyone with my exact problem, as it seems a little unusual. The other night while charging my phone, I came in to the room only to observe it cycling through reboot stages. The part that seems to make mine unique is that it went through both the Google and the load animation to get me to my lock screen. When on the lock screen I have only a few seconds before it reboots and the whole thing just keeps going over and over again. When I get the phone to the lock screen it says "loading usb storage" like it usually does when it boots up, but this is where I expect something went corrupt.

    My goal is to be able to pull off the pictures and videos I have on my phone as I've had pictures transferred from phones upon phones so I would really like to get them back. Ive been searching for a way to download an adroid 1.0 driver so I can read my data in fastboot mode as I don't have enough time to copy it off when the phones starts till it shuts off. Is this possible? My phone is not rooted, so I haven't changed the boot loader which seems like is a major issue with trying to do all this.

    I'm pretty green but can follow pretty easily through the steps necessary. Please help!
    05-29-2013 07:55 AM
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    shameless self bump
    06-03-2013 09:02 PM

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