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    I finally decided to take the leap of faith from the EVO 3D to the Photon. I've done my extensive research on both phones and I'm fully aware that both of them have problems/issues. However, it seems like the Photon's issues are more software related (fixable) whereas the E3D's are mostly hardware related (non-fixable).

    To make thing easier for everyone, I will document all issues in this thread along with their current and future fixes as released. Please let me know of others that I have not listed.

    Some people are experiencing the following issues with the Photon:

    1. Silent Calls - Sometimes you cannot hear the person who calls you or they can't hear you.
      (Temporary Fix - REBOOT)
      (Some people have had success by removing the SIM card.)
      (Some people have had success by uninstalling Google Voice.)
    2. Intermittent Bluetooth Connectivity Issues.
    3. Intermittent WiFi Connectivity Issues.
    4. Phone Rattle - Shake the phone and you may hear it rattle like there's a loose part floating around.
    5. Random Reboots.
    6. Proximity sensor not functioning correctly.
      (Temporary Fix - REBOOT)
    7. Screen turns off randomly.
    8. PenTile Screen (screen door effect) - some phones appear to be more "grainy" than others.
    9. Automatic Brightness setting does not function properly.
    10. Various problems with Google Voice.

    Hopefully this list can help Motorola or whomever decides to release software updates, custom ROMs, patches, and/or apps to address these issues so the Photon can truly become the best phone of our time!

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    08-13-2011 02:57 PM
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    It appears that the good folks at XDA have already created a similar thread that contains very useful information! I guess there is no need to duplicate the effort.

    [GUIDE] "One Bad MoPho" - Photon New User & Mods Guide (Updated 8/14/11) - xda-developers
    08-14-2011 05:04 PM

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