1. StraightWisdom's Avatar
    I did a search and didn't find any results.

    I went from my Photon to an iPhone 4S but now I want to go back to my Photon. I was in the middle of reloading all my apps and what not before switching phones. but Out of no where I get a Error when I try to turn on WiFi.

    I can't get no WiFi connection and I know it's the phone...

    I've rebooted and even a hard factory reset and I still can get WiFi.

    All stock... Anyone have any insight on this issue? I've found some links online but nothing useful.
    12-06-2011 04:39 AM
  2. LeaninBack916's Avatar
    Yeah, run the motorola recovery flash on your phone. If you for 'sure' know it's the phone. Flash her.
    12-06-2011 10:02 PM