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    when I push the home button the device lag's for a few seconds waiting for a 2nd home button push to launch s voice.

    disabling that removes the button press lag. HOWEVER, it also makes the device return to the home screen INSTEAD of just waking up the device where I left it.

    example: (s voice home button option turned on) - have an app open. screen times out and turnes off. push home button - after a second or two the device wakes up and resumes where it was.


    (s voice home button option OFF) - have an app open. screen times out and turnes off. push home button - device immediately wakes up and returns to the home screen.

    Does anybody know a way to disable the stupid S voice tap lag, BUT have the home button press just turn the screen back on and NOT take me all the way back to the home screen?
    06-06-2013 06:28 PM

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