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    When I set up my phone I set up my Telus webmail on the phone and the first time I sync'd with Outlook something went wrong. Outlook created a new sub folder, the emails don't transfer out of webmail (rather, duplicate) and deleting emails out of Outlook doesn't work (it just crosses them out). However, deleting emails off my phone will delete them at webmail (which I don't want).
    I am moving from iphone to s4 (and so far loving it) and this is the only hiccup I've had so far.
    What I want--the emails to go into the "inbox" folder in Outlook. The emails to transfer from webmail to Outlook, but not be affected by what I do on my phone. This was how it worked with iphone.
    Thank you!
    I've tried searching the problem and can't find it, if I've missed an already discussed thread please direct me.
    09-24-2013 12:10 PM

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