Jun 20, 2011
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Re: importing from korea?

>With it support LTE?
No, it won't. I don't see anything about T-mobile saying they will implement LTE soon, and the bands that AT&T are using for LTE on the Galaxy S III (bands 700mHz and 1700mHz) are not on the standard international version (850mHz, 900mHz, 1900mHz, 2100mHz for 3G/HSPA+, plus 1800mHz for 2G). If you want a Galaxy S III that does have the bands to work on LTE in the US, you have to buy it from AT&T (or Bell or Rogers or Telus in Canada). You will also have to use it on AT&T since they seem to be the only US GSM telekom company that has/will have a LTE network.