1TB Micro SDXC support on a Galaxy Tab S3 - Anyone have experience?


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Dec 25, 2017
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I am wondering if anyone may have experience or updates on this subject. I have only found a thread about 2 years old.
I have an older Galaxy Tab S3 (which has been a great tablet BTW - very pleased with it) that I currently have a 256GB SDXC in. Starting to top it outand spending too much time adding and deleting due to space constraints.

I saw someone in 2018 mention a 512GB was 'glitchy' on his tablet but worked perfectly in his laptop so that should rule out the card itself.

Prices for 512GB or 1TB are getting pretty reasonable these days, Would like to upgrade if it will work. I don't need these on any other devices. (well I could use them but I have other options than MicroSDXC on those that are more practical)

Anyone have any positive experiences with them, or negative? Planning on SanDisk Extreme Pro cards unless others have very positive results with others.

With the Micro C USB port, anyone using larger capacity Flash drives connected as an alternative? I just would rather not connect a big SSD to it instead.


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Feb 12, 2012
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First, if you're going to be doing a lot of writing, I'd suggest sticking with an SSD, even if it's an M.2 in a USB adapter. SD cards are rated in number of write cycles, and an Android app (which has to constantly save any changes in its internal environment) can exceed that in a week. SSDs hold up orders of magnitude longer.

Second, if the tablet supports SDXC, it supports SDXC - whether it's 128GB or 2TB. (Some individual models - especially Samsung and "no-name" devices) may have problems past a certain size, but the spec (and the hardware) is the same for anything from 64GB to 2TB.

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