2 strange, maybe related, problems (froyo and gb)


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Sep 20, 2011
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Hi everyone,

1. Settings -> Brightness. Both the "Brightness" and "Screen Timeout" choices are dimmed and thus can't be modified. I saw one thread that recommended wiping the device back to factory defaults. Didn't help.

2. Settings -> Wi-Fi settings. I have a network secured w/EAP. Authentication is PEAP and Phase 2 authentication is set to none. I need to change that (phase 2) to MSCHAPV2, but I can't save that change. That is, I can select MSCHAPV2 and hit "save" but when I reopen to edit the network, Phase 2 authentication is back at None. This is preventing me (I think) from logging in to my work network.

Had the problem on Froyo; upgraded to 2.3.3 (gingerbread) today w/o problem and still have the problem. It feels like a permissions problem, but I don't have a clue how to fix.

Anyone have any suggestions?



p.s. i'm using this wi-fi only; it doesn't have a sim card in it (yet).
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