4.4 update for the Sony Xperia Z1s


Feb 19, 2011
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Also I bet an upgrade would happen faster is if the Sony and T-Mobile executives and to use this phone as their device. I bet it would be 24 hours for a pushed update. This phone is so unsable unstable. And the HTC dream out does this device even with donut android on it. Cheap knock off androids work better than this phone. You shouldn't have to reboot a phone more than once a day. I'm at over 10 to 20 depending how hot my phone gets. This phone is the garbage. And I feel bad for anyone that got ripped off like I did and actually bought it


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Mar 16, 2010
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So I groggily wake up at 5:50AM to the sound of my alarm, reach blindly for my phone, and as my eyes slowly focus onto the screen, I see an update icon in the notification bar! I instantly wake up, unlock the phone, swipe down and... it was just a notification to download some Movie Creator App from Sony. I was so heartbroken :(

So July comes and goes, and no update in sight. Here's hoping for something in August!