5 favorite (non pre-installed) apps?


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Jan 8, 2017
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I was scrolling the utilities app section of Gear last night and found a larger than anticipated selection of apps. Thought it might be insightful to hear what people consider their top 5 downloaded apps.



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Dec 30, 2013
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I'll add mine. And I think that the combination of the watch being new and people here focused on connectivity and other things takes away from the answer and combined with fewer apps in the app store than other platforms is part of why the low response rate?

The apps I have been using are Glympse, WSJ and flipboard.

The other part of it for me is that the display of the S3 is so much better (esp. in conjunction with the watch design) than my old AW watch, that I've found more interest in a few of the watch faces (which also takes time). On AW there were only a few faces I used b/c honestly many of them were not that great looking or didn't render well (vs. the shadows etc on the S3). Finally I do find myself using the installed apps, shealth, weather, (I installed timer / stopwatch so I guess those aren't pre-installed), the notifications, and email on occasion. And I do use the native messaging, mostly happy with it. So my own usage for the watch has changed a bit from how I was using AW. The other thing that I find better than AW, perhaps due to my watch being paired to a samsung phone, is that the feature where if you are reading the notification and then pick up your phone, the phone opens to that app is great, and that takes away a little of the need for that corresponding app to be on my watch (and skips the unlock request so is easy, perhaps b/c my watch I think is a trusted device, would have to check).

For me (in the) US, samsung pay is an absolute killer app and that's pre-loaded. So the balance is a bit shifted vs. AW in my case and am very happy w/ it.

Wish list would include airline apps for boarding pass use on the watch, starbucks / dunkin donuts apps, google keep (not holding my breath on that one).

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