A question about wifi on the N1?


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Jan 28, 2010
I'm not quite sure how to word this so bear with me.

When I first got my iPhone 2g I immediately set out to buy all kinds of cute cases for it. One of the cases was a plastic pink glittery snap on deal, and as soon as I snapped it on, my signal dropped down to one bar - it was obviously messing with the signal. I never experienced anything like it with a rubber or silicone case, or my otterbox, so I figured it was just that case.

Now I have the Nexus One, and also immediately bought cases for it. I take extremely good care of my phones, so I usually go for cases that combine protection with color and looks/style (the otterbox for my iPhone was pink and black) :)
Anyway, I have two cases that are extremely form fitting gel/silicone types, and they work well, they just don't cover the front of the case. I got one in the mail yesterday that I love, that snaps on and covers all the way around to the screen, and leaves a "u" for the trackball.

I was out today a d tried to connect to a free wifi. It recognized the network name, said the signal was good and even saved it under my networks as a remembered network, just like my home wifi. But it would never connect. On the network page, where it said "turn on wifi ", it would say under there that it was trying to determine the IP address and keep working and working, then say "unsuccessful"

So my question is- what could it have been wrong? Do you think it was the case, something with my phone, or the wifi itself?

(And I guess I'd better come clean because I know someone will ask. No, I didn't try taking the case off to see if that wasyhe problem, because the place where I was playing with my phone was at church!) :0)

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