A53 looping on loading bar after restart


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Aug 11, 2023
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Hi all,
I have a A53 5G since march, until now i had just few bugs with the camera app (causing sudden stops of the system), but 3 days ago it became a real issue.
Indeed after a restart caused when i tried taking a picture it restarted but never ended completely.

After i unlock the code pin of the sim, it loops on the following 20230809_092312.jpg screen (it basically says "the phone is loading" in french).
I can access the scrolling menu, some parameters (like wifi and development ones) switch it on and off, use the face recognition, everything but it keeps looping on this screen. And i can't access the rest of the phone.

I have searched everywhere a solution: downloaded each software of reparation (none of them worked), i just didn't tried droidkit OS reparation because too expansive and i'm not sure it will fix it. I tried wiping the cache partition, reset parameters, remove SD card ... My windows PC does not recognize it (it says there's an error with this device), and i can't access any files. Android Debug Bridge does not finds it neither.

I am starting to think that i will have to reset it. That's why if you had a solution or an idea i would be so grateful !

Thank you so much for any help.