Access Exchange ActiveSync "People" contacts on Android 12

Duncan Scott 69

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Aug 8, 2022
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On I can see all my personal contacts. On my old Samsung Galaxy S7, I setup an Exchange ActiveSync account that allowed me to see these people on the Contacts built-in Android app. I can't remember how I did this. On my new Samsung Galaxy S22, I cannot setup an Exchange ActiveSync account. Every time I try and set this up, it asks for a server name and I don't know what to put in. I have tried,,, with a domain / user of my e-mail address. All of these state login failure even though the password is definitely correct.

Please note that this is not the Contacts / Calendar slider in the Outlook for Android app. I do not have any contacts in there, it's whatever is built into the Exchange profile that gets setup for your personal Microsoft account (on my old S7, it clearly says Exchange ActiveSync), it is separate to the Outlook account itself as far as I can tell.

Please can someone tell me the correct server settings required to access the built-in Exchange account where the People information is stored so that I can sync the contacts from it to the native Contacts app on Android.

I have read a number of articles and they all state slightly different things, none of which seem to work. I don't understand how this used to work on my S7 but no longer seems possible on the S22 (Android 12).

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