Add home, menu, and back button to screen?


Feb 5, 2014
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Hi guys, is there any way to add these three buttons the to screen like a regular phone?

How hard are the buttons to press?

I want to get this phone, but I also want a tempered glass protector( I understand they have the best feel, etc...), but I don't want to pay $30+ for the Body Guardz one; I want to pay $10 for the eBay one, but the eBay one does not come with raised button stickers like Body Guardz.

I understand they did this for users wearing gloves (which I will be doing a lot of the time) but having access to these three buttons alone does almost nothing. I have gloves on, I hit the home button, now what? I hit the menu button, now what? I can't click on anything on the screen.

Any help will be greatly appreciated. The lack of these buttons on the screen is basically what is holding me up from getting this phone.


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Aug 19, 2011
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The buttons aren't hard to press at all. I'm coming from a Galaxy Nexus, so I can see your liking to the on screen buttons. Short of maybe flashing a custom ROM, I'm pretty certain it's not possible to add them. I guess their logic in aiding users with gloves is that if you long press the menu (left) button it will open Google Now which would then allow you to use voice commands instead of touch. BUT... you would still have to touch the screen to unlock it first.:confused:

My 2 cents, It's a great phone, I wouldn't let the hardware buttons be a deal breaker.