Almost all of my files and folders disappeared, can't make new folders. Any way to fix it?


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Jul 25, 2018
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Blackberry PRIV STV-1003 running android 6.0.1

Earlier this week I deleted a couple hundred photos and videos cause my phone was getting full. It was fine, but now today all of my stuff is just mysteriously gone.

Like, the only things that are left is the stuff in the data/obb folders. It's not letting me make new folders either. I did install a new app - GoToMeetings but it's just like an online conference app, I'm an Avon rep and other reps use it all the time for meetings, so I doubt that would have done it.

Could I have possibly deleted something important? I was only using Google's Photos app to delete all those pictures and videos. And is there any way to fix it without wiping?