Question Android 15 beta 2.2 .


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Jun 16, 2024
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Beta 2.2 has been out for a while now, i wanted to ask before i jump into it.
1. Should i enable unlock bootloader before update?
2. Must I do factory reset before or after beta update?
3. Are there any risk of bricking my pixel 6?
4. Can i use my phone normally with this beta update?
5. When android 15 will be available officially, will I get it normally like normal OTA or should I have to opt out of beta which will erase all my data to update to official release?


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Jun 29, 2024
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To update to Android 15 beta on your Pixel 6, follow these guidelines: enable the unlock bootloader before the update, perform a factory reset before or after the update, be aware of potential risks of bricking your device, and use your phone normally with the beta update installed. If you opt out of the beta program, you will receive the stable version via OTA. Back up important data and actively participate in the beta program to improve software stability and performance.