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Aug 2, 2015
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I upgraded to 5.1.1 yesterday. Does anybody else get the feeling that Android are getting flaky? Let me explain:

Around a year ago when I first got my Z2 I was impressed by it's responsiveness and smoothness of the Android UI, then a major update came along (I think it was from 4.4.2 KitKat to 5.0 Lollipop) were there were clear graphic changes and it looked good, but I noticed some small flaws:

  1. Sometimes the keyboard didn't appear in Messaging.
  2. When unlocking, my screen it came on, went off straight away then faded in.
  3. Generally didn't seem as smooth as the previous version.

And they never fixed these issues, surely it wasn't just my device. But apart from that it was hardly unusable and still pretty good. But now after upgrading to 5.1.1 I've noticed more issues. Like when I access Messaging something keeps flashing up then my messages appears over it (Kinda like an information prompt screen), when unlocking sometimes there's many 'clicks' and again the same screen appears for a fraction before going off.

I'm all for upgrading an all that but it seems that each time I install new updates it becomes less smooth an kinda like it's badly made. And surely this cant be the hardware. It starts to lack the smoothness of say, iOS.

Winston P

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Dec 12, 2014
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Do a factory reset. Upgraded my dad's G2 to 5.0.2 and it went rogue. There couldn't be more than 4 apps in the recents screen or it would start lagging. Poor battery. Backed it up for him, used recovery menu to reset, and restored apps, photos and contacts. Voila! Feels like new. Android starts to gets rusty and old after a year or so, so it's a good idea to format every 9-12 months and after major software updates if you absolutely want to keep it fresh and like new.

If you wouldn't like to factory reset, your next best bet is to wipe the cache partition through the recovery menu, and uninstall apps you don't need. Good luck!

Carlos Thwaites

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May 17, 2014
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I got my 5.1.1 a few days ago and then did a factory reset after. Soon as it booted loaded my apps and games and since 5.1.1 and a reset the phone feels just as responsive as it did on kitkat.. Plus for me the battery is better on 5.1 too compared to 5.0.2

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