Android Central's New Moderator Team Leader


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Feb 24, 2012
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I want to be the first to congratulate Almeuit on his new position as Moderator Team Leader for Android Central. He's going to be awesome at this job :) I've become flooded with a lot of stuff at work and school and can't maintain the time commitment that the forums requires. It's been awesome serving on this team and working with this community. Out with the old, in with the new - Congratulations Jason, you've got an awesome team with you and it's in good hands.


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May 27, 2016
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I've been busy in the New years celebrations..
But I just Logged In ACentral and crossed into with
the DMP89145 thread titled: Thanks AC staff & community

Read the -Aquila- post in which he provided a link that
redirected Me to this thread, about the nomination
of Almeuit as new Moderator's Team Leader
position that I totally support & wish him
Success..will be an Asset to ACapp