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Sep 16, 2022
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I see on Google activity, on my husband’s phone. He uses the Samsung messages as his default app, since he has a Samsung phone. I see the calls and texts on our phone bill for the messages and calls on his Samsung messages and on his phone. But, the ones I noticed that said “”, do not show up anywhere but his Google activity.

Can someone please explain why that is happening? I have an iPhone, so I don’t have access to the android apps, to see what he is using. He also told me that he doesn’t have any Google chat apps, or Google messages, or anything like that on his phone.

Before anybody jumps on my case about this, please understand that I have been trying to figure this out for over 2 years. I ask him and he says he doesn’t know what it is, and gets defensive till I drop the subject. Every time I try to talk to him about it, we get in a big argument and tells me that he doesn’t have to prove anything to me. Then takes off and goes to a hotel. I stay with him because I love him, and now feel an attachment. But, I just need confirmation that the Google activity is something he’s doing behind my back. The times are always when I'm not around him. In the beginning of our relationship, he was sitting next to me and a text came in from one of his coworkers, and it was a flirty text. He is giving me numerous reasons to question his loyalty and faithfulness. Trust me, it’s not like I’m like this with anyone else. I don’t even check anybody’s phone usually. But, he’s done such sneaky things, that I have to look for peace of mind. Even though I have not once found, that peace of mind, because I keep seeing these things that make me question the intentions.

I know this isn’t a technical question, and it has nothing to do with phone uses. But, I thought I would take a chance and ask, since I figured someone on here will know that answer.
Please, can someone help me with this, so that I know my next steps?

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Mar 9, 2012
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Welcome to Android Central! It is not unusual for apps to show up in Google Activity -- that only means the app is pinging the Google account to refresh data. The app doesn't have to be actively used for this to happen.

As for the other issues, that's up to you to figure out with your husband, perhaps via a marriage counselor.

I'm going to close this thread, because those issues don't fall within the purview of an Android forum.
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