Android Multiple mp3 files on different button click not working


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I am designing an app which is having some 400 mp3 files with 400 button click. Totally some 37 Activity files are there. For any 4 pages the button click is loading the webview with corresponding mp3file and the player is working. For the remaining pages webview is loading but the player is not playing the corresponding mp3 file. Then i found that the cache is 8KB after that it is not getting increased. So I tried clearing the cache programmatically also. Cache is cleared but the total storage is not increasing more than some 6.98MB. My application size after installed in mobile is 6.95MB. Is there any solution for this problem.

The mp3 player is not loading and giving the error MediaPlayer error(-19,0)

Is it like mediaplayer is crashing? If so what i have to do?

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