android.process.acore problem still

Jeremy Wilson3

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Jan 3, 2013
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hi! i have droid 4..its all stock and i am still getting the android.process.acore error and other ones caused by it like facebook failed, groupon failed etc.. i have tried the clear all contacts etc, even tried to hard reset my phone back to factory settings but it wont even do that right. it goes through the process through the dos screen on the phone and says it was successful but when it reboots its like i lost nothing. everything i had on dec. 31st is all there.. none of my new texts are on there.. and when i do text people it works for a few hours then crashes and deletes the texts in the app. i have that backup assistant on my phone but i dont have it to set up to do media only had it for contacts... on verizons website none of them say they are active. what is backing up everything? i wish i could find the back up files and kill them.. i have formatted the sd card and even rebooted the phone without the sd card and the sim card but still no luck. i have tried to flash ICS with rsd lite 6.1.4 and says failed..furthest it has got is number 9 of i think 17.. i have even tried to update through the dos screen on the phone with the ICS update on the sd card and it fails. how can i get this to flash to stock so i can start all over.. i have already backed up my files onto my computer and contacts so i dont have to worry about losing any of that. thanks for the help!


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Oct 9, 2012
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Sounds like you have a defective phone, is it under warranty or do you have the extended warranty? I think you need a new one.

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