Android Stock Browser History?


AC Question

I'm not trying to delete anything, or clear any caches. But every time I google this issue, I'm only finding threads on how to delete history, or clear the cache. It seems no where my specific issue is mentioned.

In the Android stock browser, I finally found the history, hidden within "bookmarks" (??? this seemed ridiculous to me, and not at all self explanatory. It took me a long while to find it - I'm so used to Firefox)

However, I want to see the exact dates, or at least months that pages were visited. It gives me three tabs "today" which shows the homepage page... The page(s) I viewed today. "Older" which shows every other webpage seemingly ever viewed. And then "most visited" which shows visited I frequented often.

But I don't want to view it this way. How old is 'Older'? Is it more than 48 hours? 2 weeks? 4 weeks? It's way to vague for me. I would like to know if there's a way of knowing approximately when pages were viewed. My Firefox - app and on the computer - show my history in various ways - primarily by month. Through Firefox, I can get: today, yesterday, last 7 days, and then by the month after that.

Does android have nothing like that? Do I just get 'today' 'older' and 'most visited'? Seems very vague for users, to be honest.

[ Its an LG G2, running android version 5.0.2 ]