Anyone else having problems with google wallet randomly not working?

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Contactless payment does not work for about 25% of my transactions, seemingly at random.

The wallet app opens fine and everything looks normal, but when held up the payment system nothing happens (no noise/vibrate/notification, but no error message or anything either). It works after a restart (works straight away after a restart so surely not a problem with the vendor's payment system or my bank?). This has been happening for a few months and in all kinds of places (bus, supermarket, coffee shops).

I spoke to google support over the phone and they insisted it must be a problem with the vendor's system but that doesnt really make sense to me - as it works after I restart my phone.
I've also tried opening and closing the wallet app, turning airplane mode on and off, but only a restart seems to work.

My phone is as up to date as it can be, but it is a pixel 3a which don't get updates from google any more. It works fine otherwise... Despite coming on for 3 years old it's performance is like new apart from this one problem!

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