Anyone facing overheating and occasional sudden drop in battery on Nexus 6P?

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I have a Nexus 6P (on Project Fi) which is just about a year old. Worked well without any issues for most of the time, in fact I was quite impressed with it. Now, however, saw a couple of sudden drops in battery percentage when it is at about 10-15% charge. Then yesterday there was a sudden drop at about 45-50%. Also seems to be overheating a lot on random occasions - have observed this quite a few times.

Had a bad experience with an LG phone after switching from iPhone. That phone acted similarly and then refused to boot up. It was also just 1 year old.

Want to avoid that situation with the Nexus. Project Fi support has suggested safe mode followed by a factory reset to see if its one of the apps. Want suggestions if there is faster way to check/fix.

Also, No new apps were installed when the issue started happening. Updated to OREO, but the problem probably started a week maybe more after that. Two of the three sudden drops in battery percentage happened while roaming internationally, the third when the phone was almost at rest with no possible network switching in the background (if that's relevant).


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I have not noticed any temperature issues with my 6P, which I got just after launch. Are you using an application to monitor device temperature or are you noticing the device getting warm/hot when handling it?

Regarding the sudden drops in battery - does this result in the phone shutting down, or are you just seeing sudden drops in battery percentage along with associated negative spikes in the Battery screen? I'd have to guess that your battery is showing signs of wear. You could try using AccuBattery to characterize your battery health (it'll take a few days of charge/discharge to give you an accurate assessment).

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