Anyone know why this is happening?


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May 20, 2013
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Just an update in case anyone else thinks this might be useful.

FWIW, I had all that stuff enabled, BatteryGuru going and geofences set up in Tasker and just stopping Location History didn't seem to do anything. I'm still having my location checked every ~42 seconds.
I turned off Location sharing and it didn't do anything either.

I'm only a day and a half into my new test, but with those both off and after having turned off the Activity Summary (which didn't work anyway), Events nearby, Photo spots nearby, Places, Public transit, Research topics, Stocks and Traffic cards in Google Now my screen time went from ~2 hours per day up to 3.5 hours per day. My location is now being checked more like once per minute on average rather than once every 42 seconds. That's with AutoLocation based Geofences in Tasker and BatteryGuru (without WiFi control) both on.

The Location history was kind of cool, but more or less worthless to me. I'm still not sure what Location sharing actually did. Most of the cards I disabled were pretty useless to me as well. My work commute is all of 2.5 miles and I never really used the other cards. I could see some of them being useful on vacation, but there's no reason for them to drain my battery for the other 50 weeks out of the year.

I suppose the point is that the only way to really know what's using your battery or checking your location is to closely monitor all of that and perform experiments to see what actually makes a difference. It sounds like it might get a lot easier in 4.3 when we can control permissions ourselves, but most of us will probably have to wait a while before we can do that.

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